Germany has agreed to return Nigeria’s looted treasure. Will other countries follow?
British soldiers stole the priceless Benin bronzes nearly 125 years ago.
Danielle Paquette
With an eye on India, Africa ramps up monitoring of coronavirus variants
If variants in Africa go unmonitored, "eventually, the world could be back to square one," said one researcher.
Lesley Wroughton and Max Bearak
His language is dying. This Senegalese singer is fighting to save it with music.
Menik is one of Senegal’s 25 recognized native languages but one that had only about 3,000 speakers left at last count.
Nellie Peyton
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As Chad buries leader Idriss Déby, France’s influence is front and center
The sudden death of Chad's president ended a three-decade grip on power and triggered a battle for control of the country.
Danielle Paquette, Rick Noack and Borso Tall
Idriss Déby, repressive president who ruled Chad for 30 years, dies at 68
He emerged as a powerful Western military ally against Islamist extremism, even as his government acquired a reputation for corruption, nepotism and human rights abuses.
Harrison Smith
Chad President Idriss Déby dies fighting rebels after three decades in power, military says
Déby, a close Western ally, had just won his sixth term in office running largely unopposed.
Max Bearak
Elephants trample suspected rhino poacher to death in South African national park
It's the second time in two years that a suspected poacher has been killed by animals in Kruger National Park.
Jennifer Hassan
Massacres threaten to engulf Darfur, where revenge has substituted for justice
The past two years have seen a whirlwind of change in Sudan, but the country has not reckoned with the causes of the war.
Max Bearak
South Africa wildfire that burned University of Cape Town, library of African antiquities is under control
The fire, fueled by strong winds, caused extensive damage to the university and many nearby buildings.
Lesley Wroughton
For Nigerian students living in fear of the next mass kidnapping, there is only one defense — to run
Teachers and students at 10 schools in northern Nigeria say they have little protection from gunmen. Classrooms have started to empty.
Ismail Alfa and Danielle Paquette
Tanzania’s new leader acknowledged the pandemic and promised more civil rights. Critics are unconvinced.
Expectations are high for Suluhu to reverse course on Magufuli’s health policies, which led to threats of isolation from the international community.
Rael Ombuor and Max Bearak
Akon hasn’t even built his first ‘futuristic’ city yet, but Uganda is giving him land for a second
A Missouri native whose family hails from Senegal, Akon, 47, has spoken expansively about his desire to create a real-life version of Wakanda, the futuristic African kingdom portrayed in Marvel’s “Black Panther.”
Antonia Noori Farzan
Today's WorldView Analysis
Biden and the waning of the ‘neoliberal’ era
Whatever Biden's personal views, his moves now reflect a new political zeitgeist in the West that has taken concrete shape amid the havoc and ruin of the pandemic.
Ishaan Tharoor
Ivory Coast is falling behind its vaccination schedule. Health workers fear thousands of shots could expire.
The vaccination push in Ivory Coast is plagued by a pervasive hesitancy.
Sam Bradpiece and Danielle Paquette
‘They have another door’: Kenya’s vaccine rollout exposes rich-poor divide
Kenya has administered first doses to just over 160,000 of its 54 million people.
Rael Ombuor and Max Bearak
Today's WorldView Analysis
The pandemic may set women back by a whole generation
There will be global gender parity only 136 years from now, according to the World Economic Forum.
Ishaan Tharoor
Coronavirus vaccines are finally reaching poor countries, but some can’t cover the cost of administering them
Public health experts told The Post that many low-income countries are on track to face acute shortages of trained and salaried health-care workers in a few months, when Covax shipments increase.
Miriam Berger
As militants overrun Mozambique oil town, fears rise of ‘humanitarian catastrophe’
An assault that killed and displaced locals and foreign oil workers marks a new phase in Mozambique’s spiraling northern conflict.
Max Bearak
He was Nigeria’s biggest Scrabble star. The pandemic spelled identity crisis.
Wellington Jighere made history when he won the world championship. Can he keep winning in the coronavirus era?
Danielle Paquette
French airstrike in Mali killed 19 civilians, U.N. investigation finds
The French armed forces had previously said the Jan. 3 airstrike killed about 30 men — all militants.
Danielle Paquette
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Israeli jets strike Gaza; Hamas launches rockets as Israeli ground troops stand by
4Israeli jets strike Gaza; Hamas launches rockets as Israeli ground troops stand by
Trump’s Pentagon chief attributes Capitol breach to ‘organized conspiracy’
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