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Dude, where’s my Uber?
Where have all the Uber and Lyft drivers gone? And, how the pandemic economy is fueling protests and violence in Colombia.
Martine Powers
Uruguay, once a coronavirus model, struggles against a deadly wave
South America leads the world in new cases and deaths per capita. Uruguay leads South America in both.
Maite Fernández Simon
A mysterious, devastating brain disorder is afflicting dozens in one Canadian province
Symptoms include hallucinations, muscle and brain atrophy and Capgras delusion, a belief that family members have been replaced by impostors.
Amanda Coletta
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White House calls on Mexican government to probe possible labor violations at GM auto plant
David J. Lynch
The U.K. is set to pursue a ban on ‘conversion therapy.’ Here’s where other countries stand on the issue.
Tuesday’s announcement positions the U.K. closer to joining only a handful of other countries with nationwide bans against conversion therapy. Here’s a look at where the practice stands globally.
Claire Parker
Inspired Life
How trash talking on a Virginia storefront sign led to a friendly fight across the U.S.-Canada border
As neighbors traded gentle insults on their storefront signs, other businesses started chiming in with their own jabs.
Sydney Page
By The Way
While coronavirus cases in Cancún rise, so do travel bookings
Gov. Carlos Joaquín moved Quintana Roo from medium-risk to high-risk on the state government’s four-tier pandemic warning system.
Natalie B. Compton
Central American leaders resisting Biden’s anti-corruption efforts
The Biden administration says graft is helping to drive migration, but El Salvador and Guatemala have sidelined anti-corruption judges.
Mary Beth Sheridan and Anna-Catherine Brigida
Brazil’s unexpected plan to vaccinate the homeless, prisoners and descendants of enslaved Africans first is coming undone
The struggle underscores a broader failure to secure enough vaccines to fight a disease that has killed more than 421,000 people in the South American nation.
Terrence McCoy and Heloísa Traiano
From a Texas dental office to the Canadian tundra, here’s where space debris has crashed to Earth
With oceans and unpopulated areas covering much of the globe, it’s statistically unlikely that a piece of falling space junk will land in someone’s suburban backyard. But there have been a handful of high-profile incidents.
Antonia Noori Farzan
Harris urges cooperation to stem the tide of migrants in meeting with Mexico’s López Obrador
The vice president met with the leader of Mexico by video Friday and plans to visit the country in June.
Anne Gearan and Mary Beth Sheridan
Protests have spread across Colombia. Here’s why.
At least two dozen people have been killed and hundreds injured in a week of antigovernment protests.
Ana Vanessa Herrero
Today's WorldView Analysis
We’re still living in the age of Napoleon
"Napoleon was a harbinger of the modern world, with all its terrors and abuses, but also all its progress and possibilities."
Ishaan Tharoor
Brazil shocked by warlike police raid that leaves 25 dead in Rio de Janeiro favela
Even in a city accustomed to extraordinary police violence, the death toll was stunning.
Terrence McCoy
Canada authorizes coronavirus vaccine for children ages 12 to 15
Canada has authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for the age group; the United States is expected to follow next week.
Amanda Coletta and Miriam Berger
Morning Mix
He faked a coronavirus certificate to fly to Argentina, officials say. He was infected all along.
Santiago Solans Portillo had traveled to Miami to get vaccinated, but likely exposed more than 200 people to the virus on his flight back to Buenos Aires.
Teo Armus
Strongmen who got cozy with Trump get the cold shoulder from Biden
Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi get tougher treatment, while many of the former president’s favorites just get ignored.
Anne Gearan
Today's WorldView Analysis
The Biden administration starts to unwind Trump’s border legacy
Administration officials are touting an end to an era of crude nationalism and a more sober approach to border security.
Ishaan Tharoor
Mexico City subway overpass collapses; at least 24 dead as metro cars topple
The collapse, which left 24 dead, put top officials on the defensive, as they faced questions about shoddy work and poor maintenance in one of the world’s busiest subway systems.
Mary Beth Sheridan, Gabriela Martinez and David Agren
Violence in Colombia protests escalates amid allegations of police excess
U.S., European and U.N. officials have urged restraint amid fears that such tumult may spread in other countries straining under the economic burdens of the pandemic.
Steven Grattan and Anthony Faiola
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Gaetz associate signals he will plead guilty in federal case, a worrisome development for the congressman
A mysterious, devastating brain disorder is afflicting dozens in one Canadian province
Israeli jets strike Gaza; Hamas launches rockets as Israeli ground troops stand by
4Israeli jets strike Gaza; Hamas launches rockets as Israeli ground troops stand by
Trump’s Pentagon chief attributes Capitol breach to ‘organized conspiracy’
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