Asia & Pacific
Widespread blackouts hit Taiwan after power plant trips
Rotating electricity outages were instituted for millions of people islandwide, as the supplier said emergency repairs were underway.
Eva Dou and Pei Lin Wu
Lester L. Wolff, Democrat who influenced U.S.-Taiwan policy, dies at 102
He was the oldest former congressman and a onetime lobbyist for Myanmar’s military government.
Harrison Smith
An escaped leopard is eluding its would-be captors in China. Officials sent hundreds of drones to find it.
Two of the three big cats that escaped from a safari park in April have been recaptured, but one remains on the loose.
Eva Dou and Lyric Li
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Deadly ‘black fungus’ cases add to India’s covid crisis
Doctors are alarmed by the increase in mucormycosis, with the rare infection on the rise due to overuse of steroids to treat covid-19.
Michael E. Miller
Asia & Pacific
China says its population is still growing, if slowly, in once-a-decade census
Officials said the figure reached 1.41 billion in 2020, with the growth rate getting closer to zero.
Eva Dou and Pei Lin Wu
French court dismisses landmark case against the U.S. makers of Agent Orange
The ruling frustrated victims who had seen the trial as a path toward accountability, but the plaintiff said she will appeal the decision.
Rick Noack
School bombing heightens fears among Afghanistan’s Hazaras, long a target for militants, amid U.S. exit
The attack killed more than 85 people, mostly students, as class let out Saturday.
Susannah George and Sharif Hassan
Asia & Pacific
Huawei CEO tells staff to keep fewer records, write shorter memos
Employees advised to chat more in person with colleagues, after several crises over internal documents becoming public.
Eva Dou
Asia & Pacific
‘Heroic’ bystanders subdue attacker on stabbing rampage in New Zealand supermarket
Four people were injured, three of them critically, and police do not suspect a terrorist motive.
Rachel Pannett
Bombing outside Kabul girls’ school kills at least 50
The bombing, which occurred as school was letting out for the day, also wounded more than 100 people, the Afghan Interior Ministry said. The attack is the deadliest to strike the Afghan capital in months.
Susannah George and Sharif Hassan
The Taliban is targeting areas around key provincial capitals, looking for weak spots as foreign troops withdraw
Unlike other Taliban offensives in recent months, these have not triggered a barrage of heavy U.S. air support, according to local officials.
Susannah George and Aziz Tassal
In India’s surge, a religious gathering attended by millions helped the virus spread
The giant festival was one source of infections as cases skyrocketed, according to local officials, religious leaders and media reports.
Joanna Slater and Niha Masih
Asia & Pacific
China says out-of-control space rocket booster probably won’t cause any harm
It’s almost impossible to predict where the trail of debris will hit until hours before its projected reentry Saturday.
Gerry Shih and Matthew Cappucci
Australian basketball star threatens Tokyo boycott over ‘whitewashing’ in country’s Olympic promotions
Australian basketball star Liz Cambage has blasted her country's Olympic officials over "whitewashing" in their promotional materials.
Matt Bonesteel
Asia & Pacific
Locked down during Cambodia’s virus outbreak, people are running out of food
Unable to leave their homes because of coronavirus restrictions, families in “red zone” areas tell of increasing desperation and government inaction.
Allegra Mendelson
In an Indian city, obituaries reveal missing coronavirus deaths and untold suffering
India reported nearly 4,000 deaths Thursday, its deadliest day to date in the pandemic. The actual toll is likely to be considerably higher.
Joanna Slater, Niha Masih and Shams Irfan
Asia & Pacific
Man’s barbecue binge sparks new virus curbs in Sydney after month without cases
A grill enthusiast roamed the city while infected, sparking concerns of wider outbreak.
Rachel Pannett
Indonesian airport workers accused of reusing nasal swabs for coronavirus testing
One of the thousands of passengers affected says he was 'violated through his nose.'
Jennifer Hassan
Play in India’s top cricket league suspended as country’s covid numbers spiral out of control
The Indian Premier League has shut down as the country struggles to keep pace with fast-rising coronavirus numbers.
Matt Bonesteel
Australian prime minister backs down on jail threats as India travel ban backlash intensifies
Perhaps the most strident criticism came from former cricket star Michael Slater, who accused Prime Minister Scott Morrison of having “blood” on his hands.
Michael E. Miller
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