Asia & Pacific
Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper to shut under government pressure
The effort to silence the newspaper is emblematic of Beijing’s broader crackdown.
Shibani Mahtani, Timothy McLaughlin and Theodora Yu
Kim Jong Un, fearing loss of control, has grooming and parenting advice for North Korean women
Kim's renewed efforts to regulate how North Korean citizens think and look comes as South Korean and Western pop culture continue to seep into the country.
Michael E. Miller
Asia & Pacific
Militias in Afghanistan’s north are taking up the fight against the Taliban
With government forces stretched thin, officials are appealing for help from local fighters.
Pamela Constable and Ezzatullah Mehrdad
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Dead turtles, dolphins on Sri Lanka beaches renew fears of environmental damage after ship disaster
The Sri Lankan government has said that the links to the ship are only “provisionally” confirmed and that more testing is being conducted.
Ruby Mellen
China calls for Canada human rights inquiry, preempting demand for investigation into abuse of Uyghurs
At the U.N. Human Rights Council, China preempted a Canadian-led call for a Xinjiang probe by demanding an investigation into missing Indigenous children.
Adam Taylor
The deadly black fungus striking India’s recovering covid patients
Mucormycosis has killed hundreds in India and forced many to have an eye removed.
Ronny Sen and Niha Masih
Asia & Pacific
An American lawyer tried to break up a scuffle in Hong Kong. Now, he’s in jail.
The case against Samuel Bickett shows how foreigners can become embroiled in Beijing’s crackdown.
Shibani Mahtani
Asia & Pacific
Philippines’ Duterte threatens to arrest anyone refusing to get vaccinated
While vaccinations remain voluntary in the country, his spokesman said that could change.
Regine Cabato
Asia & Pacific
Wuhan lab’s classified work complicates search for pandemic’s origins
The Wuhan Institute of Virology, at the center of the “lab-leak theory,” conducted secret research projects, public records show.
Eva Dou
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef should be listed as ‘in danger,’ U.N. body says
The world’s largest coral ecosystem is under threat from climate change.
Rachel Pannett
Asia & Pacific
Japan to allow up to 10,000 domestic spectators at Olympic venues despite covid concerns
Organizers have also warned they could revisit the decision if the coronavirus infection situation changes dramatically.
Simon Denyer
Ugandan Olympian tests positive for virus upon arrival in Japan, the first detection as athletes head to Tokyo
Uganda’s team was reportedly all vaccinated with AstraZeneca and tested negative for the virus before departure.
Miriam Berger
Asia & Pacific
Death of famed Afghan commander in Taliban massacre highlights the country’s struggles and fears
Col. Sohrab Azimi was among 23 commandos killed as the insurgent group seeks to make gains with the U.S. military leaving the fight.
Pamela Constable
Asia & Pacific
Tied down and locked away: Harrowing tales emerge from Japan’s psychiatric patients
Lawsuits and studies cast light on wide use of physical restraints and long confinements in Japan’s vast mental health system.
Simon Denyer
U.N. adopts resolution condemning Myanmar’s military junta
The move comes after calls for more aggressive action from diplomat Kyaw Moe Tun, who is still recognized by the United Nations as Myanmar’s ambassador.
Adam Taylor and Sammy Westfall
Bear goes on rampage in Japan, storms military base, airport
The bear injured four people, and caused schools to close and flights to be canceled, before it was eventually shot.
Simon Denyer
Asia & Pacific
Hong Kong police raid newspaper offices, arrest editors, executives under security law
The raid on Apple Daily and the arrests show how dramatically space is shrinking for the city’s once-free press.
Shibani Mahtani
Asia & Pacific
Bitcoin miners exit China, beat a path to the U.S. as crypto climate shifts
Beijing appears uneasy not only about the industry’s carbon footprint, but also the intrinsically uncontrollable nature of cryptocurrency.
Gerry Shih
These twins are 5 years old. They lost both parents to covid-19.
Perhaps no phenomenon encapsulates India's losses like the number of children orphaned in the surge.
Joanna Slater
China launches first astronauts to its new space station, as race with U.S. heats up
A trio of Chinese astronauts will spend three months in space testing equipment, conducting experiments and preparing the station for future expansions.
Michael E. Miller
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Kim Jong Un, fearing loss of control, has grooming and parenting advice for North Korean women
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