French far right falls short of expectations in elections but could still win a key region
Exit polls showed Marine Le Pen’s National Rally with a first-round lead in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.
Rick Noack
American student found dead in Russia after texting mom: ‘I hope I’m not being abducted’
Serou, a former Marine, moved to Russia in 2019 to study law.
Kim Bellware
‘It’s my choice. It’s my life.’
Muslim women throughout France — teachers, writers, entrepreneurs, mothers — face challenges around their headscarves every day. Nine of them told The Post their stories.
Ruby Mellen and France Keyser
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U.K. government apologizes to rape victims, says legal system ‘failed’ them
A report says prosecutions dropped by 62 percent over the past five years even as reported rapes increased.
Karla Adam
Court turns back European Union demand for surge in AstraZeneca vaccine doses
The Brussels court cited failures to meet the E.U. vaccine contract, but it set a lower requirement of 80 million doses delivered by the end of summer.
Loveday Morris and Quentin Ariès
E.U. recommends lifting bans on U.S. travelers
The United States, however, has not yet lifted its sweeping ban on many E.U. travelers.
Quentin Aries and Sammy Westfall
Mothers in sister cities: Finding lessons from the pandemic in Germany and Virginia
As parts of Europe and the United States rebound from the depths of the pandemic, two women share how their families coped, struggled and now wonder what's ahead.
Loveday Morris, Abigail Hauslohner, Marzena Skubatz and Gabriella Demczuk
Robert Hollander, towering scholar of Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy,’ dies at 87
With his wife, Jean Hollander, he produced an English translation of ‘The Divine Comedy’ that was hailed as a masterpiece.
Emily Langer
To Russians, Putin got what he wanted from Biden: Some ‘great power’ respect
For Putin, there can be no U.S.-Russia reset. But there was hope of an end to the downward spiral.
Robyn Dixon
The U.S. may be ready to see cicadas gone, but this French village has a statue, a song and ceramics in their honor
In France, the insects are associated with summer and sun.
Rick Noack
U.K. ends restriction on gay and bisexual men donating blood
Critics say that restrictions, still in place in the United States, discriminate against LGBTQ individuals and are not scientifically sound.
Miriam Berger
Books by one of Britain’s most famous children’s authors branded racist
Enid Blyton's books have long been considered classics and beloved by generations, but also reflect the attitudes of almost a century ago.
Jennifer Hassan
Who is Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin critic in a Russian penal colony?
Days after he ended a hunger strike, a Russian court ordered Navalny's organization to suspend activities while it considered a proposed ban.
Adam Taylor, Ruby Mellen, Siobhán O'Grady and Miriam Berger
Man charged by British police after U.K. anti-lockdown protesters chase BBC editor
Footage showed journalist Nick Watt being chased and verbally abused by a group of protesters on Monday.
Jennifer Hassan
What offenses did Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, commit in Britain? New report forces police to review claims.
Scotland Yard said it would "review" allegations of serious sexual assault and trafficking of girls and women in Britain.
Jennifer Hassan
Today's WorldView Analysis
An emboldened Biden meets an unbothered Putin
There are low expectations for the U.S.-Russia summit in Geneva, but the geopolitics remains high stakes.
Ishaan Tharoor
Biden, E.U. end 17-year Airbus-Boeing trade dispute, seek to calm relations after Trump
President Biden met E.U. leaders in Brussels on Tuesday, but all the Trump-era disputes will not be resolved immediately.
Michael Birnbaum, Anne Gearan and David J. Lynch
Hungary passes law banning LGBTQ content for minors
The law prohibits sharing any content portraying homosexuality or sex reassignment with minors. Rights groups denounced it as discriminatory.
Claire Parker and Loveday Morris
Putin swaggers toward summit with Biden as an old hand at dueling with the West
In an NBC television interview ahead of the Geneva meeting, the Russian president was dismissive and nonchalant about issues of U.S. concern.
Isabelle Khurshudyan
In Sight Perspective
Ukraine’s forgotten veterans lean on one another to rebuild their lives
Photographer Sandro Maddalena documented the trauma and recovery of Ukrainian veterans as hostilities with Russia continue.
Ruby Mellen
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American student found dead in Russia after texting mom: ‘I hope I’m not being abducted’
French far right falls short of expectations in elections but could still win a key region
Israel struggles to restore vaccine swap deal after Palestinians reject doses for being too old
Tied down and locked away: Harrowing tales emerge from Japan’s psychiatric patients
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