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Israeli jets strike Gaza; Hamas launches rockets as Israeli ground troops stand by
Hamas reported 83 killed in Gaza since Monday, rocket barrages continued in Tel Aviv and other communities, and officials pleaded with factions to halt street fighting.
Steve Hendrix, Shria Rubin and Michael E. Miller ·1 hour ago
As rival gangs of Jews and Arabs clash on streets, fears mount of irreparable damage to Israeli society
While there will be an eventual cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, it will be harder to stop the communal violence.
Miriam Berger
Netanyahu says Israel will escalate military campaign against Hamas
Death toll climbs and Arab-Israeli unrest intensifies as Israel and Gaza slip toward war.
Shira Rubin and Steve Hendrix
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What’s behind the violence in Israel and Gaza?
Violence in Gaza Strip escalated Tuesday after a night of Israeli airstrikes.
Miriam Berger and Antonia Noori Farzan
For first time in two decades, mass protests erupt among Israel’s Arab citizens
Demonstrations in support of Palestinians in Jerusalem and Gaza are posing a new challenge on Israel’s home front.
Miriam Berger
Upsurge in violence could prove political boon for Netanyahu and Gaza’s Hamas leaders
The fighting has stalled talks over replacing Israel’s prime minister and boosted Hamas’s standing among Palestinians.
Steve Hendrix
As violence in Israel and Gaza plays out on social media, activists raise concerns about tech companies’ interference
Footage of a collapsing apartment building and rockets streaking through the night sky quickly reached a worldwide audience.
Antonia Noori Farzan
Here’s how rockets from Gaza test Israel’s Iron Dome
Amid spiraling violence sparked by clashes in Jerusalem, a familiar sound has returned to southern Israel: the blare of rocket sirens and the explosions of Iron Dome interceptors.
Adam Taylor
A sweeping coronavirus lockdown in Turkey sets off arguments and economic anxiety
The restrictions, from the well-intentioned to the bizarre, landed on a public in no mood for more rules this late in the pandemic.
Kareem Fahim
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The Abraham Accords have already become a Middle East afterthought
The limits of Israel’s normalization of ties with a handful of Arab states is already on view.
Ishaan Tharoor
In southern Israel, a barrage of rockets kills 2 and sends residents scrambling for shelter
In the Gaza Strip, 30 people were killed Tuesday, among them 10 children, according to the Palestinian health ministry.
Miriam Berger
Violence between Israelis and Palestinians escalates toward all-out war
Officials said at least 30 Gazans died in retaliatory attacks as Hamas fired rockets at Israeli cities, killing at least three people.
Steve Hendrix and Shira Rubin
Moments before the blast, she ushered her children inside. She wasn’t so lucky herself.
Israel’s retaliatory airstrikes on Gaza have caused widespread damage and disrupted daily lives.
Hazem Balousha
Today's WorldView Analysis
The U.S. calls for ‘calm’ between Israelis and Palestinians. But it’s part of the problem.
Some analysts argue that the support of successive U.S. administrations for Israel — through billions of dollars in military aid, acquiescence to Israel’s steady expansion of settlements in the West Bank and the shielding of Israel from censure in international forums — brought the conflict to this point.
Ishaan Tharoor
Hamas and Israel exchange rocket fire following contentious ‘Jerusalem Day’ clashes
After a bloody day of confrontations that left 300 Palestinians injured, Hamas retaliated by launching 200 rockets toward Jerusalem and southern Israel.
Steve Hendrix and Shira Rubin
U.S. Navy shares photos of enormous Arabian Sea weapons seizure
The weapons may have been heading to Yemen, U.S. officials said.
Adam Taylor
How a Jerusalem neighborhood reignited the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
A perfect storm of circumstances and Israeli eviction notices on six Palestinian families are threatening to spark the embers of conflict again.
Shira Rubin
Palestinians and Israeli police clash in Jerusalem over planned Arab evictions
More than 200 people were injured. Officials brace for more protests in coming days.
Steve Hendrix
Mass murder and the sin of silence
The Kaniyat brutalized this town for years. No one stopped them. No one held them to account.
Sudarsan Raghavan
Vaccination of populist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr blow to Iraq’s vaccine hesitancy
The photo of the cleric getting vaccinated prompted hundreds to get doses of their own amid Iraq’s faltering immunization efforts.
Louisa Loveluck and Mustafa Salim
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Israeli jets strike Gaza; Hamas launches rockets as Israeli ground troops stand by
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As rival gangs of Jews and Arabs clash on streets, fears mount of irreparable damage to Israeli society
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