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Dr. Anwar AL-Faitory head of transportation and communication of the executive office of the national transitional council
Symposia of the National Committee for communication between the Council and the Libyan citizens
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The Council
National Transitional Council
National Transitional Council
The Executive Board
The Free Libya Armed Forces
International Recognition
National Transitional Council
The National Transitional Council (NTC) was formed on the 27th of February, 2011 to act as the political face of the revolution. Officially established on the 5th of March 2011 in Benghazi, the unicameral legislative body is composed of 33 members, representing the different Libyan cities and towns, in addition Political Affairs, Economics, Legal Affairs, Youth, Women, Political Prisoners and Military Affairs. Identities of some members, mainly from the western side of Libya are kept confidential for safety reasons. The Chairman of the NTC is Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Jalil.

The legislative body is in place for an interim period, until free democratic elections are held establishing the new Parliament.
Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Jalil
Mr Abdul Jalil was born in the city of Bayda, east Libya, in 1952. He graduated from the department of Shari’a and Law in the Arabic Language and Islamic Studies faculty of The University of Libya in 1975. Mr. Abdul Jalil was appointed Assistant to the Secretary of the Public Prosecutor in the city of Al-Bayda, and was appointed a judge in 1978. In 2002, he was appointed President of the Court of Appeals and then President of the Court in Al Bayda, before being made Minister of Justice in 2007.
Vice - Chairman
Mr. Abdul Hafiz Ghoga
Mr. Ghoga is former Head of the Benghazi Lawyers Syndicate. Mr. Ghoga is Vice Chairman of the NTC and its official spokesman. he also represents the city of Benghazi.
Mr. Fatih Turbel
Mr. Turbel has a BA in law from the Gar Yunis University in Benghazi and represented the families of the 1996 Abu Salim massacre. Mr. Turbel is a human rights activist and was arrested on 15th February 2011 during the first street protests in Libya. As a member of the NTC, he is responsible for representing Youth.
Military Affairs
Mr. Omar Al-Hariri
Military College graduate Zait Libyan army, he was appointed governor of the city of
AL-byda, was sentenced to death was jailed in 1975 accused of taking part in a coup attempt in the early seventies prison, and come out in March 1988
Political Prisoners
Mr. Zubeir Ahmed El-Sharif
Political Affairs
Dr. Fatih Mohammed Baja
Dr. Baja has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Morocco and previously worked as a member of the teaching staff at Gar Yunis University. As a member of the NTC, Dr. Baja is responsible for Political Affairs and heads the Political Affairs Advisory Committee. He also represents the city of Benghazi.
Legal Affairs and Women
Dr. Salwa Fawzi El-Deghali
Dr. El-Deghali has a PhD In constitutional law and previously taught at the Academy of Graduate Studies in Benghazi. As a member of the NTC, Dr. El-Deghali is responsible for Legal Affairs and heads the Legal Advisory Committee. She also represents women.

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