stated in
to be used in the references field to refer to the information document or database in which a claim is made; for qualifiers use P805
originating source source of claim in statement
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instance of
Wikidata property to indicate a source
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Wikidata item of this property
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Wikidata usage instructions
Using this property indicates that the information is contained in the entity (a book, an article, etc) that's represented by the linked information source. If you want to state that the information comes from the information contained in another Wikidata item, use P3452. (English)
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Brukes som kvalifikator for P1343 Beskrevet i kilde (Norwegian Bokmål)
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Bei Verwendung dieser Eigenschaft wird angezeigt, dass die Information in einem Objekt (Buch, Artikel usw.) enthalten ist, das von der verknüpften Informationsquelle dargestellt wird. Wenn die Informationen aus den Informationen eines anderen Wikidata-Elements stammen, kann P3452 (abgeleitet von) verwendet werden.(German)
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Användning av den här egenskapen indikerar att informationen finns i ett objekt (bok, artikel, etc.) som representeras av den länkade informationskällan. Om informationen kommer från informationen från ett annat Wikidata-element, kan P3452 (härledd från) användas.(Swedish)
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Wykorzystanie tej właściwości wskazuje, że informacja jest zawarta w podanym źródle (książka, artykuł, itp.). Jeśli chcesz wskazać, że informacja pochodzi z innego elementu Wikidanych użyj P3452. (Polish)
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Usando esta propiedad se indica que la información está contenida en la entidad (un libro, un artículo, etc) que es representada por la fuente de información enlazada. Si se quiere indicar que la información proviene de la información contenida en otro elemento de Wikidata, utilizar P3452. (Spanish)
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Usando esta propiedade indícase que a información está contida na entidade (libro, artigo etc.) que é representada pola fonte de información ligada. Se se quere indicar que a información provén doutro elemento wikidata, hai que utilizar descrito pola fonte. (Galician)
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Wikidata property example for media
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stated in
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equivalent property
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property usage tracking category
Category:Pages using Wikidata property P248
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see also
statement disputed by
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statement is subject of
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imported from Wikimedia project
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inferred from
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described by source
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quotation or excerpt
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applicable 'stated in' value
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reference URL
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property proposal discussion
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property constraint
property scope constraint
property scope
as reference
constraint status
mandatory constraint
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value-type constraint
version, edition, or translation
information system
instance or subclass of
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none-of constraint
item of property constraint
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constraint status
suggestion constraint
constraint clarification
generally use “imported from Wikimedia project” (P143) instead (English)
verwenden Sie stattdessen im Allgemeinen die Eigenschaft „importiert aus Wikimedia-Projekt“ (P143) (German)
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allowed entity types constraint
item of property constraint
Wikibase item
Wikibase property
Wikibase lexeme
Wikibase form
Wikibase sense
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none-of constraint
item of property constraint
Pan European Game Information
Entertainment Software Rating Board
Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle
Australian Classification Board
Office of Film and Literature Classification
British Board of Film Classification
Game Rating and Administration Committee
constraint clarification
Use the item for each rating board's respective online database (English)
verwenden Sie stattdessen das Datenobjekt für die jeweilige Online-Datenbank der jeweiligen Bewertungsplattform (German)
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none-of constraint
item of property constraint
official website
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