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Corporate Social Responsibility
Our community. Our responsibility.
Unlocking Human Potential

Helping to solve social, economic, and environmental challenges is our responsibility. Locally, and globally. In everything we do, we’re enabling discovery. Powering education. Shaping workforces. And that applies to our social impact work too.

We foster an agile, entrepreneurial culture—helping us unlock human potential, and advance society through knowledge and learning. We’re taking action to improve our workplace, the environment, and our global communities. Using our unique position to give everyone fair access to information and education.

The work we’ve done to date demonstrates our commitment, but we’re not stopping there. Find out what we've achieved so far, the ways we’re taking action now, and our plans for the future.
Our commitment to a better world

At Wiley we believe in sharing information to create a stronger, better informed, and more compassionate society.

We’re committed to advancing and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In support of this effort, we have made formal commitments to the following UN initiatives.
UN Global Compact (UNGC)
SDG Publishers Compact
UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct
Our culture
Access to research, education and employment
Giving back
Environmental sustainability
Principles and policies
Our culture.
Fostering a more equitable future.
Leading by example.
Unlocking human potential. It drives the way we work with the world. And it drives our culture inside the business too. Our offices span 26 countries—and our work reaches every part of the world. That wealth of perspectives makes us stronger. And it’s only by having a diverse and inclusive team that we can fully understand the world—and make our mark on it.
Our colleagues, products and services unlock human potential every day. That means having the best people, doing their best work, with the best information. Granting everyone access to the opportunities, development and environment to succeed. So we’re fostering a workplace where people feel valued, included and respected. That’s shown through our commitment to reporting on the UK gender pay gap, the employee-led ERGs across the business, and the recognitions we’ve been awarded for our culture and our colleagues. And beyond our own business, we’re part of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion—delivering these values to every workplace.
Diversity equity and inclusion (DE&I)
We’re a global business, built by a diverse community of colleagues, partners, and customers. We want our workplace to be a welcoming place for all people. So we cultivate an inclusive environment with our colleagues at the center. A culture of caring, commitment, and respect.
DE&I is embedded in everything and throughout the entire employee experience. We stand for diversity in all forms, equity throughout our policies and processes, and an inclusive culture where people feel like they can be themselves. We established Employee Resource Groups supporting our diverse culture and leveraged a series of education and training on inclusive mindset.
Our culture differentiates us as an organization and our core values define our behaviors. We ask colleagues to embody our three values - Learning Champion, Needle Movers, and Courageous Teammates. We live by these values and they define who we are as a company and what we stand for. They enable us to build our culture internally—and show our customers, partners, and investors that what we believe drives our business. Our values empower our colleagues to achieve our mission of unlocking human potential
And creating meaningful, systemic change goes deeper than our internal culture. It goes into our work. We’re advancing knowledge for our customers. Broadening understanding. Encouraging dialogue. Engaging with social equity. Our products, services and partnerships are all aimed at opening new perspectives.
DE&I recognition
Everything we do is down to our remarkable people. We’ve created an open and inclusive workplace culture to attract—and keep—the best talent. And thanks to our culture and our colleagues, we’ve been recognized in both national and international lists of best companies to work for.
Actioning Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
By listening, we learn. That’s how our colleagues steer our DE&I strategy. We have two internal committees, combining colleagues from across the business. They’re a vital aspect of our approach—escalating priorities from colleagues at all levels and holding our leadership accountable to address inequalities. The committees are also responsible for driving accountability with our leadership, championing our diversity and commitment to our community, and helping to align and embed the DE&I strategies across the business.
Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
We make space for all perspectives. Our Employee Resource Groups are the voice of our global colleagues—reflecting our cultural communities and common interests. And every ERG contributes to our Enterprise Committee, continually helping to make our workplace more diverse, equitable and inclusive.
United Kingdom Gender Pay Gap (UK GPG)
The UK GPG is the difference in average earnings between men and women across an organization, irrespective of the job they do, level, or seniority. While the gender pay gap is an important metric and a contributing factor to our global DE&I initiatives and actions, we want to emphasize that the gender pay gap is not the same as gender pay equity. At Wiley, we are committed to paying equitably in each country across our organization.
The following are our annual UK GPG reports:
Access to research, education and employment.
Targeting inequality.
Breaking down barriers.
Knowledge is for everyone. That’s why we’re leveling the playing field. We’re creating equity through access to information and insights, empowering communities through open research. And we’re addressing education equity in multiple ways—through our products and initiatives, scholarships and awards. Promoting different perspectives in our industry, and beyond.
All together, we’re clearing the path from education to employment, and closing the gaps for high-demand skills. Pursuing the goal of a more fair and diverse society.
Open research
Expanding access to scientific and scholarly content. It’s one of our most vital commitments. By opening research findings to the whole world, we’re supporting the aspirations of communities far beyond our own. Bringing discoveries to people who can use the insight for good—sharing knowledge to unlock human potential.
We partner with organizations around the world to improve lives—sharing critical information with researchers, medical professionals, emergency workers, government officials, and academic communities. And we’re a founding member of Research4Life and publish the Cochrane Reviews, expanding the reach of all publications.
Open research is built on openness, accessibility and transparency of research and data—which we’ve organized into five key areas.
Democratizing our work
Everyone deserves to learn. That’s why we’re committed to making affordable education accessible to anyone with a passion for knowledge. Giving students the tools they need to succeed is the only way to make change a reality.
In math and statistics, there are more roadblocks than most. So we’re leveling them out. We offer affordable access to Knewton Alta courseware that helps students thrive in critical math courses, regardless of their starting point. Supporting and enhancing educational equity and building foundations of knowledge for the future.
Awards and scholarships
We support knowledge seekers at every stage of their learning. We’ve created grants and scholarships to increase diversity in our industry and create career opportunities to target inequality.
That goes for talent too—our awards reward excellence in research and education. New or experienced, it’s about making an impact. Whether that’s established professionals and scholars pushing new boundaries, or early career researchers and educators paving the way in their field.
Recent recognition
In our products, our workplace and our programs we’ve been recognized for unlocking human potential.
Giving back.
Local action, global impact.
Driving benefits for all our communities.
Local, global and professional—communities matter. As a business we give our time, expertise and donations generously. And we encourage and enable our colleagues to do the same.
We fund causes with links to our values. From educational to environmental causes, culture to publishing. What do they all have in common? Real impact on people's lives.
That goes for our work too. Our approach to open research makes information accessible to the communities that need it. RISE: Research in Support of Equity is our fully open access site for research on inequity and how it affects our social structures. And on the Wiley Online Library we moved COVID material out from behind the paywall. Now we have continually updated COVID Resource areas, making research available to anyone who wants to access it.
With the launch of our Wiley Giving platform in the US, we’re supporting the projects our colleagues are passionate about. We match colleagues’ donations dollar for dollar—tripling the number of people making charitable contributions since launch.
Community projects
We empower all of our colleagues to engage with their local community. It all adds up—whether it’s something big or small, giving money or time, an individual act or rallying others. And with teams across the world, our combined activity makes a far-reaching and wide-ranging impact.
We’ve partnered with the Mitrataa Foundation in Nepal for the last 11 years. Through the foundation we support dozens of children, providing them access to education, extra-curricular activities, and community programs. Working together with Mitrataa we share the same values, drive and a mutual, creative approach—enhancing the experience for everyone.
Our teams in India contribute to two local projects too. Project Swayam, in collaboration with Jagriti NGO, has developed a learning space for children from low-income families. And in Madhya Pradesh, we’ve built a Vocational Training Center for Little Star Home, to create new skills and opportunities for orphaned girls.
Environmental sustainability.
Informed by evidence.
Reducing our climate impact.
We’re serious about our impact on the world. As a research and education institution, we’re dedicated to interrogating insight and elevating evidence. When it comes to climate change, those facts are indisputable.
So we’re acting now to limit our impact on the environment—for today, and the long term. That means making choices that are good for business, good for our customers, and good for the environment.
Across the business we encourage action and involvement for the environment. Proudly, we’ve been carbon neutral since 2020. And to balance the sharing of knowledge with the preservation of resources, we only use paper with the highest environmental standards.
Carbon emissions
Our Global Operations Carbon Footprint is certified 100% Carbon Neutral—for the latest (2020) financial year by the Carbon Neutral Protocol™. Every location is powered using 100% renewable energy through green tariffs and certified energy attribute certificates (EACs). And we’re continuing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint across scope 1, 2 and 3, in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
Sustainable offices
Wherever possible, our offices are powered by renewable energy. At each of our sites we’re reducing our use of resources—across energy, carbon emissions, paper, plastic and other supplies. As well as recycling and reducing our waste.
As a print publisher, we’re constantly evaluating our paper processes. We review and improve our impact internally, with our mills, and through new and innovative partners.
Many of our publishing programs use lighter-weight papers, delivering our work using fewer trees. We’ve also reduced trim size and our paper grade options to provide flexibility while reducing paper waste.
We only use environmentally and business-friendly papers—set out in our company-wide policies for paper procurement. Through our printers we partner with forest product companies that uphold the highest environmental standards (set out by the Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Programme For the Endorsement of Forest Certification). This includes demonstrating and documenting efficient use and conservation of raw materials; minimization of waste; conservation of natural systems; clean production; community and human well-being; and credible reporting and verification.
Grassroots initiatives
We’re environmentally conscious at every level of the business. Across our local sites, colleagues run local “Green Room” community groups—a forum for discussion, idea-sharing, events and initiatives promoting sustainability and the environment both at work and in our personal lives.
Principles and policies.
Raising the bar.
Setting world-class standards.
We apply the highest ethical standards to everything we do. We pride ourselves on it. It sets the bar for the business, our global supply chain, and the communities we serve
We manage and operate our business worldwide, always in line with our values, high ethical standards, and the laws for the region. That means we comply fully with the law at all times, maintaining our reputation for integrity and fairness.
Our business policies are aligned with the United Nations Global Compact—ensuring that we and our partners act responsibly and meet each of the ten principles, including:
We regularly update, distribute and enforce our policies to ensure compliance.
Business Conduct & Ethics
Our Business Conduct & Ethics policy sets the standards that everyone in the business is responsible for upholding.
Vendor Code of Conduct
Our Vendor Code of Conduct governs our relationship with all our suppliers, contingent workers, independent contractors, consultants, and other business partners.
CPSIA Compliance
We work closely with the Association of American Publishers (AAP), and our vendors, to make sure our publications comply with government regulations on children's safety.
Publication Ethics
We’re committed to promoting and practicing the highest standards of ethical publishing. Our Best Practice Guidelines on Publication Ethics sets out the gold-standard for editorial processes—encouraging integrity in research, writing, and peer review.
Transfer Code of Practice
We’re an endorsing publisher for the NISO Transfer Code of Practice. For changes in publisher, publishing platform or owner, the code sets out best practice for transferring digital content files, subscription lists, and other journal assets. We meet the code’s standards in all our journal transfers.
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