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About Library Search
Search results order
Library search results order will vary depending on which type of search was conducted:
- If 'zip/postal code' search, libraries in that code will be returned and in some, but not all cases, libraries in other zip/postal codes within the same city will also be returned; ordered by closeness to that zip's center.
Note: search results may be re-sorted alphabetically by library name by selecting the 'Sort by' dropdown.
- If keyword/library name search, results will be ordered alphabetically by all libraries with that search term in the library name(s) . If this keyword also matches a location, those results will then follow.
- If specific location search, such as 'city, state', search results will be listed alphabetically by library name in that location.
Filter by Library type
You may filter your library search results by a specific library type, such as Public Libraries, by using the "Library type" dropdown on the top-right of the results set.
Not seeing your library or some info is incorrect?
If you do not see your library in the search results, first, check to see if your search criterion is spelled/entered correctly or try to include additional search criteria.

The WorldCat Library search is powered by WorldCat Registry data. If you are a librarian or library staff and do not see your library, you may create a free WorldCat Registry profile. Library staff may also access their library's info in the WorldCat Registry to correct any data if need be.
Find a library near you
Enter a library name or part of a name, zip/postal code, state or province​.
Use a comma between different search terms, such as "Columbus, Ohio".
Only libraries that have created a profile in the WorldCat Registry are listed in the library search results.
If you are a librarian and do not see your library listed, you may create a free WorldCat Registry profile​.
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