Democrats Want to Raise Taxes. Here’s Your To-Do List.
Consider making these moves before year-end to stay ahead of Uncle Sam.
Laura SaundersSeptember 17, 2021
The IRS’s 11 Million ‘Math Error’ Notices
Tax changes like the ones brought by last year’s stimulus payments often trigger a surge in such problems; addressing them can lead to headaches for taxpayers
Laura SaundersSeptember 3, 2021
Quirks in a U.S. Treaty With Malta Turn Into a Tax Play for the Rich
An offshore tax shelter promises rich Americans they can avoid lots of capital-gains taxes by setting up pension plans in Malta—and maybe some can.
Laura SaundersAugust 20, 2021
Your Child Tax Credit Payment Just Arrived. Are You Sure You Want It?
More than 35 million U.S. households are now getting monthly cash payments of their 2021 child tax credits. While the payments will help some families greatly, they could also bring unexpected tax bills next year.
Laura SaundersJuly 15, 2021
What Peter Thiel’s Roth IRA Means for Yours
The new focus on retirement-account limits raises questions about saving strategies for everyone, not just the superrich
Laura SaundersJuly 2, 2021
Capital Gains: A Century-Old Tax Break Gets a Rush of Attention
The Biden administration wants to raise tax rates on investment profits for the highest earners. Some Americans who aren’t in the top tier would be affected as well.
Laura SaundersJune 18, 2021
It’s a Seller’s Housing Market. Here’s the Tax Break to Know.
A tax exemption allows millions of Americans to skip taxes when they sell their homes at a profit. A Biden administration proposal would take a larger bite from some sellers with the biggest gains.
Laura SaundersJune 4, 2021
The IRS Is Coming for Crypto Investors Who Haven’t Paid Their Taxes
On the hunt for tax cheats, Uncle Sam is winning court battles to force cryptocurrency exchanges to reveal their customers. Your big unreported profits on bitcoin, ether or dogecoin could translate into big problems with the IRS.
Laura SaundersMay 14, 2021
Millions of Americans Are Waiting for the IRS to Pay Up
The IRS is grappling with unprecedented delays caused by the pandemic and late changes to the law.
Laura SaundersMay 7, 2021
Death and Taxes: Biden Wants to Step Down the ‘Step-Up’ on Investment Gains
The new administration’s proposal would curtail a longstanding tax exemption for investment appreciation, a potentially significant tax hit to wealthy Americans when they die.
Laura SaundersApril 30, 2021
New Investors Discover Tax Pitfalls of Robinhood and Other Trading Apps
Common tax-minimizing strategies are difficult or impossible to implement on the trading platforms that have boomed in popularity in the past year.
Laura SaundersApril 16, 2021
An Unexpected Unemployment Tax Break: What to Know
A new law will bring relief to millions this tax season, after they get over the headache of figuring it out. Read this before filing your return—and read it twice if you’ve already filed.
Laura SaundersMarch 31, 2021
The New Stimulus Bill Offers Big Benefits for Families
New rules offer rebate payments, bigger deductions and higher income limits—if you know where to look
Laura SaundersMarch 19, 2021
Here’s How You Can Still Save on 2020 Taxes
Taxpayers can make retirement- and health-savings account contributions and stop IRS penalties for underpayments.
Laura SaundersMarch 5, 2021
All Your Covid Tax Questions, Answered
Make sure you’re up to speed on all the ways the pandemic reshuffled the tax rules—and complicated your filing.
Laura SaundersFebruary 19, 2021
Robinhood Traders: The Taxman Is Coming
If you’ve been buying or selling GameStop or other hot stocks, here’s what you need to know about taxes.
Laura SaundersFebruary 5, 2021
These Tiny Last-Minute Tax Changes Could Be a Big Deal in 2021
From stimulus checks to early retirement-plan withdrawals, here are some late-breaking items that could alter either your 2020 return or how you approach your taxes in the year to come.
Laura SaundersJanuary 1, 2021
Dylan’s Catalog Sale Shows a Tax Advantage for Songwriters
Bob Dylan’s song-catalog sale could offer benefits for both the music icon and the company that bought them.
Richard Rubin and Laura SaundersDecember 11, 2020
Time Is Running Out for Remote Workers to Fix Their State Taxes
Act now if you’ve worked remotely from another state in 2020—or else.
Laura SaundersDecember 4, 2020
How Joe Biden’s Tax-Increase Wish List Could Affect You
Proposed changes to capital-gains and estate taxes could radically alter planning for many.
Laura SaundersNovember 13, 2020
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