A Pandemic of Misrule
Antigovernment protests in Cuba, South Africa, Haiti and elsewhere are not random chaos.
Daniel HenningerJuly 21, 2021
Don’t You Just Love Congress?
Behold the Democrats and GOP locked in a scorpion dance over Biden’s $4 trillion.
Daniel HenningerJuly 14, 2021
Welcome to the Equity War
Republicans are running on culture, while Democrats press economics.
Daniel HenningerJuly 7, 2021
Who Owns the Fourth of July?
Revising patriotism, the woke left spent last year tearing down monuments to revered Americans.
Daniel HenningerJune 30, 2021
NYC Voted. It Was About Crime
Progressives can win elections, but there’s a problem: They don’t know how to govern.
Daniel HenningerJune 23, 2021
Joe Biden’s European Vacation
No wonder Macron & Co. love the president: They built the model for his welfare state.
Daniel HenningerJune 16, 2021
Joe Biden Bungles His Crisis
The Manchin mess and spending spree are a White House misreading the political moment.
Daniel HenningerJune 9, 2021
Banning Critical Race Theory
Teaching ‘systemic racism’ was imposed on students, until politics pushed back.
Daniel HenningerJune 2, 2021
The Pelosi January 6 Commission Fiasco
It’s an excuse to kick America’s time bomb of political violence into a fateful future.
Daniel HenningerMay 26, 2021
Law and Order: It’s Back
New York City’s mayoral race is forcing the Democrats to talk about crime—again.
Daniel HenningerMay 19, 2021
Is the American Work Ethic Dying?
Covid laid off much of the country. Now the Biden Democrats are paying people to stay home.
Daniel HenningerMay 12, 2021
Democrats Are Killing the American Dream
Joe Biden’s American Families Plan replaces individual striving with middle class entitlements.
Daniel HenningerMay 5, 2021
Joe Biden’s Art of the Non-Deal
Negotiating with the opposition, the left concluded, merely impedes achieving their policy goals.
Daniel HenningerApril 28, 2021
The Maxine Waters Problem
When America’s officials desert any standards for public or personal behavior, expect violence.
Daniel HenningerApril 21, 2021
When CEOs Zoom for Democrats
Last weekend, some 100 corporation leaders did a Davos by laptop to vilify Republicans and validate their status.
Daniel HenningerApril 14, 2021
Yes, Boycott Baseball
Liberals the past year have become addicted to political wokeness. It’s time for an intervention.
Daniel HenningerApril 7, 2021
Joe Biden, Which Side Are You On?
In ProgressiveWorld, everyone becomes a de-facto member of the teachers union. It won’t work.
Daniel HenningerMarch 31, 2021
Biden Abandons Normalcy
Social media is all about emotions, so politics is now about stopping the apocalypse.
Daniel HenningerMarch 17, 2021
A Year of Living With Covid
When the next pandemic comes, public-health experts can’t be the only ones telling us what to do.
Daniel HenningerMarch 10, 2021
Trumpism According to Trump
Many of the ideas described in the CPAC speech were identified with Ronald Reagan.
Daniel HenningerMarch 3, 2021
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