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12/06/2021: CEO pay surges amid mass death, stagnant wages and soaring inflation / More transmissible and deadly Delta variant surges in UK, threatens Europe and America / One week in: Where does the Volvo strike stand?
11/06/2021: 600,000 dead in the US from COVID-19: American capitalism “normalizes” mass death / US cost of living surges while wages stagnate / Right-wing extremist network exposed in Frankfurt, Germany police special operations unit
10/06/2021: The American working class must come to Assange’s defense! / Anger grows among Volvo Trucks workers over UAW attempts to sabotage strike / Tensions rise in Peru with winner yet to be announced in polarized election
09/06/2021: Kamala Harris’s anti-immigrant tour: Identity politics in service of imperialism / Volvo Trucks workers prepare for battle as company cuts off health insurance and brings in strikebreakers / US Supreme Court blocks green cards for refugees with temporary status
08/06/2021: Volvo Truck workers in Virginia return to the picket lines: A turning point in the US and global class struggle
07/06/2021: Amid surging pandemic, Sri Lankan government criminalizes strikes by public sector workers / Volvo Truck workers in Virginia overwhelmingly reject second UAW-backed contract / “Lab leak” proponent Nicholas Wade pushed racist pseudo-science in 2014 book
05/06/2021: The “Wuhan lab” lie and the political witch hunt against science / Delta variant of COVID-19 dominant in UK, spreading rapidly with millions still unvaccinated / “We need unity”: Volvo Truck workers in Virginia prepare to defeat UAW sellout contract
04/06/2021: The global wave of miners strikes and the case for the International Workers Alliance of Rank-and-File Committees / Food price index rose 40 percent in May amid expanding global hunger and social crisis triggered by pandemic
03/06/2021: British Medical Journal says UK government’s COVID-19 response created “maelstrom of avoidable harm” / Indian autoworkers strike against unsafe working conditions in pandemic / Scientists take a stand against “Wuhan lab” witch-hunt
02/06/2021: The centenary of the Tulsa, Oklahoma race massacre / After rebelling against USW-backed deal, 2,400 Canadian miners launch strike against multinational Vale Inco / Author of Wall Street Journal “Wuhan lab” story wrote lies about Iraqi “Weapons of Mass Destruction”
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