On the 10th anniversary of Libyan war, the New York Times covers up crimes of imperialism
9 March 2021Bill Van Auken
Forty-three refugees drown off Libya’s coast: victims of the European Union’s refugee policy
26 January 2021Martin Kreickenbaum
Inquiry hears that Manchester Arena bomber was on radar of UK intelligence for seven years
6 October 2020Margot Miller
New York University withholds completed dental degree, student facing deportation
8 August 2020Sam Dalton
Egypt’s el-Sisi approves troop deployment to Libya against Turkish-backed forces
28 July 2020Jean Shaoul
Bombing of Turkey’s Watiya base escalates Franco-Italian proxy war in Libya
8 July 2020Alex Lantier
France backs Egypt’s threat to intervene against Turkey in Libyan war
24 June 2020Alex Lantier
Libyan civil war intensifies amid growing international negotiations
12 June 2020Hasan Yıldırım
Civilian casualties mount as foreign powers continue to fuel Libya’s civil war
20 May 2020Alberto Escalera
COVID-19 pandemic threatens millions in war-torn Libya and Syria
7 April 2020Kumaran Ira
Africa’s confirmed cases rise to 7,600, as 314 die from the coronavirus
4 April 2020Stephan McCoy
EU agrees to new military mission against Libya
21 February 2020Peter Schwarz
Germany: Left Party supports Libya conference and possible military deployment
24 January 2020Johannes Stern
Berlin conference prepares military occupation of Libya
21 January 2020Peter Schwarz
The Libya conference and the new scramble for Africa
18 January 2020Johannes Stern
Wider war over Libya looms as France, Egypt denounce Turkish intervention
3 January 2020Alex Lantier
Erdogan vows to send Turkish troops into Libya
27 December 2019Bill Van Auken
Turkey’s Erdoğan threatens to send troops into Libya
12 December 2019Bill Van Auken
French-backed Libyan militia airstrike kills 42 civilians
7 August 2019Alex Lantier
The mass drownings off Libya and the fight to defend refugees
27 July 2019Alex Lantier
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