North Africa

Spain deploys army against refugees fleeing across border with Morocco
18 May 2021Alejandro López
Pandemic produced a “catastrophic year” for Middle East and North Africa
22 April 2021Jean Shaoul
Moroccan government, police violently assault protesting teachers
22 March 2021Our reporters
Whitewashing the crimes of French imperialism in Africa
President Macron admits French assassination of Ali Boumendjel in the Algerian war
12 March 2021Kumaran Ira
On the 10th anniversary of Libyan war, the New York Times covers up crimes of imperialism
9 March 2021Bill Van Auken
Defying riot police, Moroccan autoworkers at Kénitra launch wildcat strike
8 February 2021Alex Lantier
US recognizes Morocco’s annexation of Western Sahara
13 December 2020Jean Shaoul
Floods inundate Sudan amid escalating economic crisis
14 September 2020Jean Shaoul
Collapse in oil prices threatens social and political unrest in Middle East and North Africa
10 September 2020Jean Shaoul
New York University withholds completed dental degree, student facing deportation
8 August 2020Sam Dalton
Libyan civil war intensifies amid growing international negotiations
12 June 2020Hasan Yıldırım
Egypt: el-Sisi approves legal framework for military dictatorship
3 June 2020Jean Shaoul
Civilian casualties mount as foreign powers continue to fuel Libya’s civil war
20 May 2020Alberto Escalera
Africa’s elite build VIP hospitals for themselves, leaving workers to die
8 April 2020Stephan McCoy
Africa’s confirmed cases rise to 7,600, as 314 die from the coronavirus
4 April 2020Stephan McCoy
The Libya conference and the new scramble for Africa
18 January 2020Johannes Stern
Turkey’s Erdoğan threatens to send troops into Libya
12 December 2019Bill Van Auken
Five candidates contest December 12 Algerian election amid mass opposition
7 November 2019Kumaran Ira
Algerian junta to slash energy subsidies amid mass protests
19 October 2019Kumaran Ira
French-backed Libyan militia airstrike kills 42 civilians
7 August 2019Alex Lantier
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