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Our media, technology and business platforms connect hundreds of millions of people around the world to the things they love. With apps and sites like Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Fantasy, Yahoo Mail and more and a powerful, open platform that connects brands and publishers to passionate fans, we’re all about putting an exclamation point on what you’re into.
Our differences are our power. Our diverse, global team reflects the world so we can make content, products and tech that serve all people.
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Everyone should have access to what they love. It’s why we design, build and support our products with accessibility standards way high.
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Mental health matters and it starts at home. We’ve created an industry-leading program, Mind Together, to take care of our most precious company resource--our people-- and help other companies do the same.
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Jim Lanzone
Jim is CEO of Yahoo. With over 20 years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience in technology and media, Jim has a proven track record of driving growth and innovation. Prior to joining Yahoo, Jim was CEO of Tinder, the most popular app for meeting new people, as well as the highest grossing non-gaming app, in the world. Jim joined Tinder after nearly a decade as President and CEO of CBS Interactive, a top 10 global Internet company with brands ranging from CBS All Access to CNET. Jim was also named the first Chief Digital Officer in the history of CBS Corporation.
Sanette Chao
Sanette leads global communications including corporate media relations, executive positioning and consumer and brand communications. She has vast experience shaping PR strategy across media, technology, gaming, financial services and aerospace.
Lara Davis
Lara oversees corporate strategy, transformation and growth initiatives.  She brings expertise across strategy, operating and investing roles in consumer tech, with a focus on building, growing and scaling new ventures.
Julie Jacobs
Julie is responsible for all of our legal, regulatory, compliance and public policy matters. She was previously EVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at AOL.
Joanna Lambert
Jo leads our consumer business, including media, content, marketing, and subscription business. She brings expertise as a leader in the consumer product and financial services space to drive our continued consumer growth and innovation.
Iván Markman
Iván oversees our revenue and marketing teams. His 20+ years of strategic and operational experience in Ad & Marketing tech helps us create more valuable relationships.
Aengus McClean
Aengus is the CTO of Yahoo. He joined AOL via Netscape over 20 years ago and has been bringing global engineers together ever since.
Monica Mijaleski
Monica oversees all finance operations for the global business, including Controllership, FP&A, Procurement, Internal Audit and Operations Analytics.
Andy Nebens
Andy is responsible for human resources, global compensation and benefits at Yahoo, with more than 20 years’ experience at Verizon.
Matt Sanchez
Matt oversees Yahoo's Home Ecosystem where he brings deep knowledge and experience in digital publishing, advertising, technology, and operations.
Alicin Reidy Williamson
Alicin leads Yahoo’s global diversity and inclusion team. She brings over 20 years of experience in leading inclusion, stakeholder engagement and strategic communications for companies across entertainment, sports, fashion, politics, and non-profit.
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