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WFP Accused of Delisting Thousands of Yemeni Refugees
TUE, 05/18/2021 - 14:06

The World Food Program (WFP) has delisted thousands of beneficiaries from its aid programs and was late in delivering assistance to impoverished and needy Yemenis in the northeastern governorate of Marib in March and April, said Marib’s government-run administration for IDP camps.
In a statement, the administration’s executive branch in Marib reported receiving several complaints about a delay in delivering WFP food baskets from both refugees and locals in the governorate.
According to the statement, relevant authorities reaffirmed they are following up with the WFP to resolve the problem behind the delayed payment of the monthly food rations to beneficiaries.
They are doing so against a background of great deterioration of living conditions in Marib as a currency crisis and soaring food commodity prices sweep battle-ridden Yemen.
Among the many problems facing aid distribution, the administration said the “most significant hurdle was the WFP’s Marib office persistently neglecting official appeals.”
It also noted that the latest delay in the WFP’s humanitarian relief delivery is “unacceptable and inconsistent with humanitarian principles stipulated in UN charters for providing humanitarian aid on time and without violating the dignity of the beneficiaries.”
Marib is struggling with food insecurity as the influx of Yemeni refugees escaping violence continues to surge, the statement explained, noting that it was especially hiked since March 2020.
Over 18,000 Yemeni families previously registered for monthly food aid had lost their share of assistance after displacement that month, the administration revealed, blaming the WFP for not fulfilling its promises.
The internationally recognized Yemeni government had repeatedly demanded that UN agencies move their headquarters to areas under its control instead of operating from territory held by the Iran-backed Houthi militias.
Apart from relocating these centers, it also urged “decentralizing relief work.”
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