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Meeting between Hamas and Houthi representatives in Yemen sparks anger
WED, 06/09/2021 - 10:36

A meeting between a Hamas representative and Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Sana'a has sparked widespread anger on social media.
The meeting was allegedly rejected by the Palestinian group which said it “disregards the actions” of one of its leaders.
Moaz Abu Shamala, Hamas’s envoy in the Yemeni capital, met with Mohammed Ali Al Houthi, and presented him with a gift of appreciation, according to local news reports and photographs on social platforms.
Abu Shamala spoke of Hamas' appreciation for the Houthi’s support towards the Palestinian cause and for raising funds for the group, which provoked internal disputes between the rebels, local media reported.
A Yemeni politician and member of parliament, Shouqi Al Qadhi said on Twitter that he was shocked by the visit, and called for an explanation.
He said Yemen’s internationally recognised government could sever ties with Hamas.
“We are waiting for a full clarification regarding its shocking stance. Does Hamas officially represent Abu Shamala?” he said.
Hamadan Al Alyae, a Yemeni journalist, accused Hamas of betraying Yemenis by honouring Houthi militants who have targeted innocent civilians.
Baraa Shiban, a Yemeni expert and consultant, said this is not the first time that Hamas had thanked the rebels.
“Resistance movements and Israel is a cover for repressive movements and sectarian militias, such as Houthis,” he said.
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