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The Paris Forum for Peace and Development calls for urgent humanitarian relief in Yemen and the formation of an international network for humanitarian action
MON, 12/10/2018 - 00:55

President of the Paris Forum for Peace and Development PFPD Jamal Al-Awadhi, said to AIJES that the need for urgent humanitarian relief to Yemen should begin as soon as possible. The Yemeni people, suffering from hunger and epidemics, can not wait until the war stands . Al-Awadhi called on all parties in Yemen to provide the necessary protection for international relief organizations to move in various Yemeni cities and provide the necessary assistance to stop the suffering of people, especially children.
Al-Awadhi called on the international community to provide relief assistance directly through well-known Western international organizations. It is not necessary that it be only the UN agencies, which have become most of its activities only shown on media ,rather than the reality, Al-Awadhi said .
UN agencies have spent  almost 85%  of donors support as  salaries and special expenses of its workers.
In this regard,the Paris Forum for Peace and Development organized a conference on November 30, 2018 in  Paris, entitled: United Nations reports contradicting itself and the humanitarian situation in Yemen.
The recommendations of the conference included the need for urgent action by the international community for humanitarian relief in Yemen through the formation of an international network and a database of voluntary organizations and personalities in Europe and the United States, working side by side with the United Nations organizations, the King Salman Center and the UAE Red Crescent through coordination with the leadership of the Arab Alliance And the Yemeni government as soon as possible.
The final report of the Paris Forum conference noted the growing suffering of Yemenis everyday and needing for urgent  relief in  parallel to military operations even if the war doesnt  stop.
At the end of the conference, fashion shows of traditional Yemeni women's clothing were presented by French models and a Yemeni designer, Lamar Mesri, which created a mix between the modern French and the old Yemenite design.
Former UN human rights, international law experts, professors and  lawyers participated at the conference.
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