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Government soldiers torture an activist to death in Shabwa, southern Yemen
FRI, 12/27/2019 - 19:23

YOL- The National Center for Human Rights and Democracy Development in Yemen condemned the crime committed last Monday by soldiers belonging to government forces controlled by extremist Islamic groups in Shabwa, southern Yemen. A military checkpoint of the Yemeni army arrested the human rights activist, Yuslam Bin Habtoor, who is considered an opponent of the ISLAH Islamic Party, which controls the Yemeni army. Bin Habtoor was placed in a cargo container after being beaten and tortured to death. Next day the ministry of interior requested the family of  Bin Habtoor to receive his body which  was marked by torture and beatings.
 The tribes of Habtoor in Shabwa southern Yemen announced that the killing of bin Habtoor is considered a crime committed by the state and the army against the citizens of southern Yemen. The Sheikh Hassan bin Muhammad bin Habtoor demanded that the soldiers who killed the young man be extradited and punished according to the law.
Government forces run by leaders who owe allegiance to the Islamic Reform Party are conducting arrests, torture and killings of their opponents in southern regions.
The National Center for Human Rights and the NCHRDD  demands the Yemeni government to quickly investigate the torture, detention and killings of journalists  and activists in southern and eastern Yemen.NCHRDD
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