Accessible Services
NBPLS is committed to making public library services available to all New Brunswickers, including people with print disabilities and those who are unable to visit a public library.
Library materials are available in alternative formats, specialized computer equipment is provided, and most facilities are wheelchair accessible. Library materials can be mailed to a patron’s address if they are unable to pick up materials at a library. People who cannot visit a library may be eligible for Books by Mail Service or Talking Books Service by Mail.
NBPLS offers a wide range of accessible online resources (such as eBooks and eAudiobooks) which provide the advantages of alternative formats and the convenience of digital access.
Available Services and eResources
Talking Books Service by Mail
Talking Books Service by Mail Registration Form
Books by Mail Service
Alternative Format Collections
Accessibility/Low-bandwidth Version of Catalogue
Online Library
Adaptive Computer Workstations and Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

All public libraries throughout the province have an adaptive workstation available to transform print or text information into an accessible format. The workstations are wheelchair accessible and loaded with software that magnifies text, reads text and allows for voice commands. The workstation comes with the following hardware: 
Closed Circuit Televisions:
Public libraries are also equipped with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) units. These allow the user to enlarge print or images by placing them on a tray, which is positioned under a camera. The image displays on the attached 19-inch monitor and can be enlarged up to 60 times its original size.
Anyone may us the adaptive workstation or CCTV unit by presenting their public library card. The adaptive workstation can be reserved for up to one hour. Please contact your library for more information.
Additional Collections
CELA (Centre for Equitable Library Access)
SQLA (Service québécois du livre adapté)
Search the Public Libraries Catalogue or download eBooks and audiobooks.
Request a Library Card
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Online Library
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