About Us
We are a team of tech entrepreneurs and wedding professionals using digital tools, resources and a community to transform wedding planning services in Ghana, and the rest of Africa.
Our Story
Weddors started as a simple idea; the idea was to build an online platform to list a variety of wedding vendors so that couples can easily search and book for the ones they want from the comfort of their homes.
But on that journey, we realized we could do more for couples whiles creating more opportunities for vendors: we felt we could integrate planning tools to help couples enhance their wedding preparation. We felt we could add an online shop for brides and grooms to shop their wedding needs. We felt that we could share wedding tips, ideas, stories and photos to inspire couples for their wedding and create the community they need to easily interact with wedding vendors for their specific needs.
So here we are today, realizing that dream.
Our Core Values
As a team, we have 5 core values that every member lives by, in everything we do. It’s what defines who we are as a team.
We are customer-focused
We create and innovate
We love what we do
We are transparent with each other
We collaborate and support one another
Our Mission
Our mission is to simplify the wedding planning process in Ghana and Africa by making it more structured, organized, enjoyable and fun.
Our Vision
We dream of an online platform that will have everything a couple needs to plan their wedding in  Ghana and across Africa.

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