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How to plan a wedding on a limited budget in Ghana
November 14, 2019
Let’s get this straight, a wedding is about getting joined in holy matrimony with the one you love; not the showing of of extravagance. Once this is clear, you set yourself up on making the right decisions on the road to your wedding day. Plan a simple wedding and you are guaranteed to save some money which will help you start your married life on a good note.
Here are some simple options you can make and still have the wedding ceremony that will linger in the minds of people.
Wedding Planners in Ghana
The first step on how to plan a Ghanaian wedding is to get a wedding planner. And before you start thinking of agencies that will reap you off, take time and go through your contacts list on your phone. Do you remember your aunt who was crazy about organizing an end of year party? What about your sister who just had a wedding? What about that loud mouthed friend of yours who always chirps ideas on some amazing wedding plan? The idea here is to save on the costs of hiring a professional wedding planner who will probably do the same job as the contacts on your phone. You can also put a team of the selected friends and families together and hand them a budget estimate. Remember, they are your family, and they can try and work with anything you’ve got.
Wedding Dresses

Credit: FabBride Gh
You are probably thinking, “What type of dress will I wear on the wedding day?” Well, it doesn’t have to be the expensive one you saw while window shopping. What about the dress your mother wore to her wedding? Oh, you are thinking that it is outdated and out-fashioned, right?. Well, it is not always the case. You can take it to the tailor and have more embroidery added, with the latest Ghanaian wedding dress styles and stitches to cover up the patches. In a matter of hours, it would be looking brand new. You can also choose to hire a Ghanaian weddings gown for the D-day. There are many businesses in Ghana that hire out some of the wedding gowns to the couple to complete their dreams. It is cost efficient and you can rent it out for a couple of hours before you jump into that sexy dress as you head for the honeymoon. You can choose from a wide array of different traditional Ghanaian wedding gowns that suit and blend in with your persona. With a good bargaining power, you can land on a good deal.
Wedding Guest Dresses
It goes without saying that the bridesmaids have to adorn a matching outfit that will be full of pomp and color. Since it is a close tighten affair, you can agree with the chosen bridesmaids to each contribute to the purchase of the dresses. You can also make a wedding theme, for example, a green affair to show your love and care for environmentalism. Also guests that made the list can also be advised before the wedding to pick out outfits that go with the theme. They can play around and show their creativity when it comes to the different designs in the Ghanaian African wear for engagement.
Ghanaian Wedding Hairstyles
Uniformity is everything when it comes to making the wedding a master piece. There are many styles you can choose for the hairstyles such as up do, twist out or afro. Some of the common hairstyles that are in use include the roman hair slide, the minimalist style, lace, dreadlocks with buds and statement flower pin. For the naturalists, they can go for the different short hairstyles for wedding with a hint of flowers to make it look more dapper. For the groom a good, clean shaven head is vital. Extensions have always been a saving grace on this big occasion. Going natural is always the better option.
Wedding Cakes
It probably won’t be a wedding without the cake. The cake is the sealing deal for the matrimony and over the years, it has revolutionized. With all the tutorial videos on YouTube, it is next to possible to bake your dream cake. Train with your close friends who have experience in this field and save the cost to order one. You can also ask for assistance from members of the congregation at the church. There are always connections and you end up with the best wedding cake that you dreamt of.
Wedding Invitation Cards
The days of printing hard copy cards are over ever since the invention of social media. I mean, many people spend time on their phones than looking in their mail boxes for wedding invites. Design invitation cards that go well with the theme of the wedding and send them to your contacts on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. Remember that old alumni group on Facebook that you rarely keep in touch with? Surprise them and get an altogether meeting as they attend your big day. You can never go wrong with social media.
Wedding Photographers
Pictures of the wedding will be the highlight of the ceremony and a stroll down memory lane few years later when the kids are now in the picture. Do you really need a professional photographer to capture the light moments of the wedding? From the vows, to the kiss on the alter, to the cutting of the cake, to the dance…and how much fun each guest had in the party. Such moments can be captured by your stubborn young brother who is always talking about pursuing a career in photography. Give him the opportunity by showing that you believe in his talent.
Cost of Wedding Rings in Ghana
Source: Bridalore
Wedding rings in Ghana come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Why don’t you just visit the nearest pawn shop and ask for a gold plated ring or a silver ring at a pocket friendly price. Remember, nobody will be interested whether it is real gold on your fingers. You can save up after the wedding and surprise your spouse with that dream diamond ring that she has been bugging you about. But for now, it is time to agree that there is a lot that is weighing on your plate to create room for fancy jewelry.
Wedding Guest List
It is high time you adopt an invite-only invitation so that at least, you can have an estimate for the expected number of guests for the wedding guest list. There is no need of hosting a large company of people with whom you share no connection with. Ghanaians love weddings, as many see it as a potential for free food and booze. Remember, it is your day and your loved ones that matter, the rest can hear it from folk stories.
The Wedding Reception Program
This is usually at the entry of the church or the designated area of the wedding. You can employ the use of security to keep gate crushers and other free loaders from the event. All guests are supposed to show up with the invitation cards at the event. They are then accorded with tags which are worn to show that they are legit members. The wedding reception is a professional code of ensuring that you are close to your loved ones on your day.
Wedding Makeup for the Bride
Credit: Diva Salon
Did you see Meghan Markle’s makeup during the royal wedding? It was down to earth simple. Also, her sister in law, Kate Middleton, stepped out with her own makeup for the wedding day. Meghan Markle had a touch of concealer under her eyes with hints of light pink shade. So what am I driving at? If royalty still keep it simple on their wedding day, who are you to break the bank on makeup kits? If you can, do your own makeup and keep it simple and natural as possible. Not only will it save you time, you will also feel comfortable in your own skin.
Food Services
Let’s keep it real; we all look forward to the food experience in the event. We are Africans and we love our food. But sometimes we look into too much the buffet experience that we forget the extra cost it bears on the wedding couple. But all in all, you can go for the foods that describe the Ghanaian culture. Who will forego the delicious Ghanaian style banku, jollof rice along with some beef stew served with some chilled out drinks? No need to hire a crew of professional chef; take advantage of your mother and her friends who have the talent in preparing traditional Ghanaian cuisine.
Wedding Decorations in Ghana
Wedding decorations are the hallmark of each wedding ceremony. You can make a lasting impression of your wedding whether it is in an elegant church, an old garden or a sandy white beach. Flowers have been used for a while but you can impress it with some candles along the altar as you line up the aisle. You can also throw in some potted plants from home or your friend’s place thus cutting down on the costs. You can also beautify the venue by throwing down some flower petals. Balloons are a perfect way to light up the wedding especially when it comes with different shapes and sizes.
We believe following these simple guidelines will help you save quite some money which will help you start your marriage life on a good note. At Weddors, we believe wedding planning must not be stressful and complex. Use our wedding planning tools to enhance your wedding preparation and ensure a smooth journey into marriage.
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January 14, 2019 at 8:31 pm
I agree with most of these point but as a planner I’d advise that you at least hire a wedding day coordinator so you can have a peaceful and lovely day. Also as much as possible the main point of the wedding is your marriage to each other. Remember that throughout the planning process.
Dj Kassy Gh
January 14, 2019 at 9:31 pm
We don’t have to spend more on wedding and suffer afterwards. The most important thing is the marriage.
July 1, 2020 at 11:29 am
thank u oooo, we always plan for the wedding rather than planning for a marriage
October 5, 2020 at 8:27 pm
Is it necessary to add brides maid?
October 8, 2020 at 3:03 pm
It’s not a requirement. There are reasons we add bridesmaids to our wedding party. First, you get to share your big day with your best friends and siblings. Secondly, because of the tedious nature of wedding preparations, bridesmaids can serve as your support group to help you prepare and plan for your wedding. If you feel you don’t want to add any bridesmaid, you can go ahead and take that decision. You can read more from here: Choosing Your Wedding Party.
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