Wedding Budget
Weddors makes it easy to create and manage your budget.
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How To Get Started
The wedding budget is often the most stressful part of wedding planning, but not anymore! Keeping your wedding spending organized is key, so it’s best to start early. Whether you’re deciding how to distribute your budget or keeping track of wedding payments, our unique tracker organizes everything in one spot.
Define your budget
Enter your budget and get an estimated cost for each category.
Stay on Track
Track your spending as you go and manage vendor payments.
Run the numbers
Monitor your costs and view a breakdown of your spendings.
Customize as needed
Adjust your budget and create new categories as needed.
What’s Next?
It’s best to have a spending plan in place before you start — it will help narrow down your options and make the wedding planning process smoother but planning for your money is just the beginning. Finding a venue, searching for wedding vendors, and creating a guest list should be next on your checklist. Let’s give you a helping hand.
Wedding Budget Planner
Turn your wedding budget into a spending plan that works for you. Download a free version of our template for your personal use.
Download Free Template
Wedding Budget Tips
Whether you’re having a big wedding or you need ideas on how much to spend for your wedding, these tips will help you get started.
How To Save Money For Your Wedding
It is really important to start your marriage on the right foot, united emotionally,…
Wedding Budget
Setting Your Wedding Budget
 Setting your wedding budget will often be the most stressful part of your wedding…
Wedding Budget
How to plan a wedding on a limited budget in Ghana
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Wedding Budget
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