Wedding Vision
Take sometime to focus on the overall vision for the wedding: the size, setting, style...
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Planning a wedding is just like any other large project, focus on the big picture. Take time to dream with your partner about the type of life you want together. Taking the time to home in on your wedding vision will help you plan your wedding in a way that aligns with your core values, priorities and life goals, and will give you an overall framework to work with.
Be yourselves
Your wedding must reflect you both. Stay true to your personalities, core values, priorities and goals.
Set your date
Choose a perfect season and a date that works best for you and your partner.
Set your budget
How much so your see yourselves spending on your wedding?
Guest counts
How many guests are you expecting at your wedding?
Do you want an indoor wedding, an outdoor wedding, or a combination of both?
Style & Theme
What personality will you accord to your wedding? What colors do your prefer?
Turn Your Vision Into A Reality
Once you’ve got a Wedding Vision that’s 100% you, you now have a framework that you can work with. We can help you by recommending a number of venues and wedding vendors that best suit your vision.
Wedding Vision Template
Your wedding vision will serve as a reference point as you move through the wedding planning process. Download a free worksheet to help you define your overall vision.
Download Free Template
The Wedding’s in the Details
Get our favorite tips for personalizing your wedding style, colors and decor.
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Wedding Style
My Wedding Date Is Set – Now What?
What do you do after you set a wedding date that works best for you and your partner?
Wedding Date
Choosing Your Wedding Date
Choosing a wedding date is one of the most important planning decisions that you'll…
Wedding Date
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