Media Freedom
The ability of journalists to report freely on matters of public interest is a crucial indicator of democracy. A free press can inform citizens of their leaders’ successes or failures, convey the people’s needs and desires to government bodies, and provide a platform for the open exchange of information and ideas. When media freedom is restricted, these vital functions break down, leading to poor decision-making and harmful outcomes for leaders and citizens alike.
Freedom House assesses the challenges for media and online freedom in its annual Freedom and the Media and Freedom on the Net reports. We support local efforts to defend freedom of expression and to promote the emergence of alternative media in countries where traditional media is restricted. And we assist embattled journalists, including those who investigate corruption and abuses of power.
Freedom and the Media 2019: A Downward Spiral
Media freedom has been deteriorating around the world over the past decade. Even in some of the most influential democracies in the world, populist leaders have overseen concerted attempts to throttle the independence of the media sector.
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Attacks on the Record: The State of Global Press Freedom, 2017-2018
 Press freedom is facing new threats in major democracies as well as in repressive states, where authorities are focusing their efforts on social media and other online platforms after subduing the independence of major print and broadcast outlets.
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Featured Program: Our Media-M Program in Moldova
Through collaboration with partner civil society organizations in the country, Freedom House aims to boost capacity in civil society to effectively monitor media and to improve the legal and regulatory environment for independent media. 
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Reports & Analysis:
Beijing's Global Megaphone
SPECIAL REPORT January 11, 2020
Media Freedom: A Downward Spiral
FREEDOM AND THE MEDIA February 10, 2019
Attacks on the Record
SPECIAL REPORT February 1, 2018
Pluralism Under Attack
SPECIAL REPORT February 13, 2017
Press Freedom's Dark Horizon
FREEDOM OF THE PRESS February 6, 2017
The Battle for the Dominant Message
FREEDOM OF THE PRESS February 6, 2016
Check out the China Media Bulletin
The monthly China Media Bulletin provides unique insight on censorship, media freedom, and internet freedom issues related to the People's Republic of China. 
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Freedom House in the Media:
3 Reasons Why The Arrest Of A Journalist By Belarus Is Troubling
May 25, 2021
Biggest Social Media Companies Are Fined by Turkey Under New Law
November 16, 2020
Turkey Passes Measure To Tighten Control On Social Media
July 29, 2020
News & Perspectives:
The Gutting of Hong Kong’s Public Broadcaster
Belarus: Freedom House Condemns Raid on Independent Media Outlet
PRESS RELEASE May 19, 2021
The CCP Hand Behind China’s Xinjiang Cotton Backlash
United States: Freedom House Welcomes Administration’s Focus on Press Freedom in Foreign Policy
PRESS RELEASE April 29, 2021
NEW REPORT: Attacks on Democracy Intensify as Autocracy Spreads in Europe and Eurasia
PRESS RELEASE April 28, 2021
Turkey: Ahmet Altan’s Release Sets Important Precedent for Political Prisoners
PRESS RELEASE April 15, 2021
Featured Experts
Adrian Shahbaz
Director, Technology and Democracy
Kian Vesteinsson
Research Analyst
Mai Truong
Research Director, Strategy and Management
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